Shotgun Tom Kelly and Elvis

Shotgun Tom Kelly can be heard on Sirius XM’s “‘60s on 6” every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings from 7pm – 12am ET, but for this week you can get more of your fill of the legendary radio jock. 

This week Shotgun will be filling in on The Elvis Channel. 

July 12-16 Shotgun can be heard from 8am – 12pm ET on channel 75. 

Remember, if you’re ever in Hollywood, look for his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Shotgun’s website:

Bodie Jagger Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

Jagger and Kristi’s (Magic 92.5) pup Bodie was one of the coolest and sweetest dogs I’d ever met!

Saddened to hear he crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday. J&K were the best parents Bodie could have asked for. I will miss seeing him at future radio events. Condolences, Jagger and Kristi. 

This was 2015 at Chopper the Biker Dog’s blood drive.

Neil Ross – Press Your Luck

Veteran voice actor Neil Ross is returning to the TV game show Press Your Luck.

British born Neil Ross, who has voiced countless movie and TV show characters, such as in Back to the Future II, Quiz Show, Being John Malkovich, and even video games like Leisure Suit Larry and Mass Effect, has broadened his scope of work to the game show field.

Season three of the classic game show Press Your Luck begins this Wednesday on ABC with Elizabeth Banks as host.

Neil sat down with SDMS and spoke of returning as announcer and what it means to him at this point in his career.

SDMS: “Neil, thanks for your time, I know the work you have done through the years, have you done a game show before?”

Neil: “Despite more years than I like to think about in the VO biz, and all the various things I’ve done, this is my first Game Show gig.”

SDMS: “How do you like doing something very different from the usual?”

Neil: “Thoroughly enjoyed it. Everybody has been lovely”

SDMS: “Tell me about your host, Elizabeth, and the game show itself”

Neil: “Elizabeth does a stellar job of hosting. The game itself is cleverly crafted to create a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows. You never know what’s going to happen”

SDMS: “Do you have an interesting story that may have happened while taping Press Your Luck”

Neil: “Way back in season one, when we taped (why do they still say tape? I guess ‘digited’ sounds silly?) We were on a sound stage next to the one where they were ‘digiting’ (taping) the final episode of American Idol. We were all intermingling in the hallways and the contrast between those people and the folks on our show was pretty hilarious. It has been a fun ride”

Neil, thanks for taking the time to share your story!

Editor’s note, Neil spent seven years on the air in San Diego and says he still calls it ‘home’. Graduate of Point Loma High, Neil was in San Diego on air from ‘69-‘76. KCBQ, XHIS-XHERS, KSEA-FM, KDEO, KPRI.

Neil has a book out, find it on Amazon. “Vocal Recall: A life in Radio and Voiceovers”

Ernie Martinez Hangs ’em Up

In San Diego radio, there are good guys (and ladies), and there are GREAT guys!

Ernie Martinez certainly earned the latter in my opinion. In the nearly 10 years I have known him, I have seen his professional side, and some of his personal side. I respect this man.

Ernie, former Padre Greg Garcia and some guy

Friday Ernie hung up his headphones and left the iHeart building for one simple but very important reason… to be with his family.

San Diego will miss hearing his stories and especially his infectious laugh, but his family will have much more time to spend with him.

Congratulations, Ernie!

Here is a Spotlight I did on Ernie from November of 2015, it was one of my favorite interviews.

Ben and Woods Extension

Ben Higgins, Steve Woods and producer Paul Reindl, morning show at 97.3 The Fan received a contract extension this week.

Ben and Woods, who have been together on The Fan since May 2019, locked in a new three year deal to keep them on the Padres’ flagship station.

The Fan daily schedule is as follows:

5-9 Ben and Woods

9-12 Jim Rome

12-3 ‘The Coach’ John Kentera

3-7 Gwynn and Chris

Thanks for tuning in!


SDMS is sponsored by Hacienda Casa Blanca in El Cajon. Let’s go have a taco!


Magic 92.5 bringing “I Love the ‘90s” hits and retro vibes to
Belmont Park in Mission Beach.

May 17, 2021

Contact: Josh Hammond
(San Diego, CA) Magic 92.5 today announced “Beats at the Beach,” a retro-loving seaside festival at Belmont Park in Mission Beach, happening Saturday, September 18, featuring the “I Love the ‘90s Tour” with hit performances by Naughty By NatureSir Mix-A-LotTag TeamRob Base and Tone Lōc, plus street entertainers, live graffiti artists, a 90’s fashion show, B-Boy dancers and more.

General Admission tickets are $45 and include entrance to the festival and all entertainment.  VIP tickets are also available for $150 which include a dedicated VIP gate entrance, four beverage tickets, VIP bar featuring specialty cocktails, brews, and Capri Sun drink pouches, complimentary nosh for two hours including sliders, pizza rolls, 90’s-style snacks and flavor ice popsicles, private restrooms, and an aerial view of the festival.

Event Details:
Saturday, September 18, 2021
Belmont Park, Mission Beach
3:00 to 10:00 p.m.
21+ welcome

Beats at the Beach will be adhering to all local, county and state COVID guidelines. Future protocol still to be determined.

Beats at the Beach is produced Local Media San Diego, LLC (Magic 92.5, Z90, 100.7 BIG-FM, and 91X).

SDMS Gets Title Sponsor

SanDiegoMediaSource is proud to announce its title sponsor. 

Hacienda Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant and Cantina has signed on to support SDMediaSource and we couldn’t be more happy with this partnership!HCB owners Tony & Cynthia Ann Gomez are huge supporters of SDMS as well as local radio & TV stations. 

More to follow in an article, but I definitely wanted to share this great news. 

Thanks for tuning in, and let’s go have tacos at HCB! 

Let’s Try This Again

I know It’s been a while since my last column. Let’s face it, 2020 was a nightmare, while 2021 is just a weird sequel, just with less restrictions.

I loved what I was doing, reporting on all the radio/TV news, but last year really put a huge damper on everything. Radio saw a massive shift from live and local to syndicated, etc.

Couple that with all my ‘birdies’ being released, so inside information was impossible to come by.

Moving forward I will be branching out into other areas. I still get some radio news to pass along, but this column will now expand to interests far beyond radio.

Hopefully now that everything is opening back up, it will offer many more avenues for me to explore.

Please bear with me, I love what I do and I appreciate you sticking with me as the changes take place.

If you have any ideas for stories for me to share, please email me at

Please be sure to subscribe

Thanks for tuning in,


Back in Business

Wednesday evening, the news broke that restaurants and more were able to open for indoor and outdoor seating. Supervisor Jim Desmond broke the news.

This pandemic has taken a toll on everyone, from every walk of life and in every business and line of work.

Businesses have had to be clever and creative to stay within the guidelines given. Tents, k-rails, wooden platforms. No small price to stay running.

With the reopenings effective today, managers scrambled to assemble their staff who, most of them, had been at home for weeks. Assuring they had enough supplies on hand to feed the somewhat unexpected guests.

I wanted to spotlight a local small business who have been rolling with all the punches that came their way. Hacienda Casa Blanca in El Cajon. Being proactive instead of reactive to everything they saw coming, they have survived this horrible time. After closing their parking lot and dressing it up with decorations, the atmosphere was still as good as expected. Then, when it reverted to take-out only, they had the brilliant idea of converting into a drive-thru style restaurant. They know how to get it done.

Hacienda Casa Blanca is owned by Cindy and Tony Gomez. Their beautiful restaurant is a staple in El Cajon. They can certainly be looked up to as the standard when it comes to surviving this. In this latest round, although indoor dining is permitted, they are playing it safe by sticking to outdoor only for now. We noticed all safety protocols were being practiced. A hand sanitize station, a manager sanitizing the menus, tables separated 6 feet if not more, and the staff masked up and handling items very carefully.

Tonight my wife Amy and I wanted to support them so we had dinner at Hacienda. Their food is always consistently delicious and their drinks are very refreshing. I had the combo plate (Cheese enchilada and chile relleno) and Amy had the fish tacos. I have been coming to this restaurant my whole life and that’s basically my go to meal there. We both had a Mexican coffee which complemented the cool evening air perfectly.

SDMedia Source will always support small businesses. Doing my part to keep the American dream alive.

Hacienda Casa Blanca

700 North Johnson Ave. Suite A

El Cajon, CA 92020

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